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An American artist currently stationed up Northwest in Portland, OR. This is my personal reblog site.

Sacrilege will be a demon/saint themed art book coming out sometime in the fall/winter. Submissions are open if you want to be included!

Ultimately when all the artists are picked you will pick either a known saint or a known demon and illustrate them. This topic will be very loose, draw giving you room to draw anything within it. It can be cute, serious, funny, or sexy. That is all up to you and your style. There is no particular message I am trying to put out there with this other than awesome, interesting art.

Since this will be the debut book (of a hopefully continuing publishing venture on my part) I want this to be as big and wonderful as it can be. At the moment there will be room for around 30-35 artists, but if interest in this peaks more than that will be included. Over 200 artists have already submitted but really, the more the merrier—a range of styles is something that is important to me. If this is all successful I will hopefully curate and create more books with many of the other subjects and topics.

So! If you want to be included in Sacrilege and send me some examples of your work (either a portfolio site or some low res jpgs) to my email at

Around June 19th a list will be put of who has agreed to or has gotten in. But I am more than happy to announce a few people who have been eager to be included from the start like skoptsyviolentcosmos, and yosb (which is only a hint of the awesome people already invited and in)—so that gives you a hint of the wide range of styles Sacrilege is looking for! So reblog this, pass it to a friend, I wanna see everyone’s art.

 Then a few months of making will be given after the set amount of artists are announced and a kickstarter to fund this (though that info will be gone into further later—for now just submit!) If say the funding is more than enough we may even allow more artists in at a later date! For now enjoy this transparent demon/saint promo lineart piece—you can hover him anywhere and it is pretty fun.

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